Hannya Photoshoot

Hannya Photoshoot

Let me just share: I absolutely love doing photo shoots! If I could make a living designing solely for print, I would. The crew needed for a photo shoot is practically nothing in comparison to film. Film requires so much expensive gear, and crew members and talent and planning- it’s almost shocking that anything actually gets done with how much actual work must be done to get even a short film produced. Photography however, just requires a talented photographer and his gear, a good hair and make-up artist and hopefully some really cool costumes. I’ve got little notebooks tucked in randomly around my house filled with costumes I want to make, sketches, and ideas for photo shoots. I believe that a photo shoot is the best possible way to showcase a costume, especially fantasy or avant gard pieces. You get to see it exactly how the designer imagined it. My latest photo shoot was something I’d been wanting to do for awhile that I stumbled across during my Japanese language studies (今日は!). An old story I found told about Hannya, the ghost or spirit of a scorned and jealous woman who was almost believed to be alive in every woman. Some of the older Japanese men still mimic the famous Hannya Mask with their hands to tease their wives when they were acting jealous. I always thought it was a really fascinating story that would make a really cool photo shoot. First I wanted to start with a really awesome mask. Luckily, my Aunt Gwen happens to be an amazing mask maker and she was so kind as to make me a custom piece for this shoot.

Hannya Mask

Next, after plenty of research I designed a Kimono, with every layer.

Traditional Kimono

I rented a bedroom set from Ikea and teamed up with Matthew Simmons.

Here are some cool photos from behind the scenes during shooting:

If you want to see the final photos click here.