Jumping on the Post Apocalyptic Band Wagon

Jumping on the Post Apocalyptic Band Wagon

It’s no big surprise that the End of Days is a popular theme in current media, from action movies to video games. I decided I wanted my own little slice of some rockin’ post-apocalyptic costume design and came up with three really cool characters. I based them off different video game styles of play (nerd alert). You’ve got the sneaky ninja Archer, the gun wielding Raider and the melee Hunter. If you can’t relate to this dorkfest, just imagine they’re some really cool warrior women. I shot this with Matthew Simmons, and had such a great time. I got to work with my good friends Anna and Mel, and met the beautiful Leslie for the first time when working on this shoot.

Here are some fun behind the scenes pictures:

Becca doing hair

Anna, on the way to location

Leslie and Anna

Abby Elaina on location

Abby Elaina on set

Matt doing his thing

If you’d like to see the final photos please Click Here, Here, Here, and Here