The Pubic Patch

The Pubic Patch

I had so much fun working on the short film Red Dots for Free Spaces, but how can you not have a blast when working with all of your friends? I got to design a really flashy gameshow host costume, and my first specialty pubic patch. One of the first things I learned as a costume designer is that there are no instructions, there is no one right way to design things, and most of the time you have to use your skills and knowledge to invent the best possible solution under your current circumstances. This pubic patch being the perfect example. I am aware that during many sex scenes/nudity scenes, male actors are given quite literally “a sock” to cover themselves, which I imagine in most instances works just fine. Though, in a particular scene in this short, the lead talent is in a very physical interaction with a female actor, the camera angle plus the action really meant that a sock would just simply not be enough. So I had to come up with something new! And this is what it was:



A skin colored spandex pocket. I recreated the same shape as an athletic supporter, with the addition of elastic underneath and a bib on the front, perfect for attaching to the front of the hips with a little bit of topstick. It worked wonderfully. Everything was tucked up and out of sight, and was still comfortable for the actor while allowing him to have some privacy as well. It lasted through every take, and the actor was even thrilled that he got to keep it afterward! Ha ha. Here are some more fun photos from set:


Mike and Ashley

Overnight- Burrrrrr